Waste Less, Effortless

Track grocery purchases, monitor food for freshness, and reduce household food waste.

How often do you find spoiled food in your fridge or pantry? Losing track of food is one of the main causes of food waste at the household level. It’s easy to overlook items that get pushed to the back of the shelf and difficult to remember exactly what we still have at home when shopping for groceries. Enter EatMeNow.



An automated inventory of food purchases


Reminds you to use your food


Recipe suggestions for otherwise wasted food

Our Work

EatMeNow gathers data using two methods:
1. Automated electronic receipts
2. Taking a picture of a physical grocery store receipt (OCR).

EatMeNow will read, input, and organize your food items for you. The app will monitor your food for both safety and quality and provide and optimal consumption date for each item.

You have a list of the food in your fridge – now what? EatMeNow offers integrated recipes to help you use your available groceries while they are still fresh. You can generate new recipes, search for existing recipes online, or add your own.

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